Nikki Haley “voice of reason” Over UN Security Council Veto on Syria / Russia

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U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, has become the voice of morality and clarity at the U.N. in regards to, and unapologetically, standing up for America’s interest. Most notably are her defense of Israel, and the latest Syrian bombings.

Haley then turned her words toward Assad’s representatives: “To Assad and the Syrian government, you have no friends in the world after your horrible actions. The United States is watching your actions very closely. The days of your arrogance and disregard of humanity are over. Your excuses will no longer be heard. I suggest you look at this vote very carefully, and heed this warning.”

“With its veto, Russia said no to accountability. Russia said no to cooperation with the United Nations’ independent investigation. And Russia said no to a resolution that would have helped promote peace in Syria. Russia once again has chosen to side with Assad, even as the rest of the world — including the Arab world — overwhelmingly comes together to condemn this murderous regime. Russia said this resolution was biased, and the Assad regime was not involved. This resolution simply emphasized the information the regime is already required to provide to investigators…if the regime is innocent, as Russia claims, the information requested in this resolution would have vindicated them. Unfortunately, this was Russia’s eighth veto on the Syria resolution. The United States takes no pleasure in seeing Russia isolated again on the Security Council…By its failure, Russia will continue to be isolated.”

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