‘Morning Joe’ Tries to Bury Historic Trump Trip

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Morning Joe were more than happy to downplay and undermine the incredible success of President Donald Trump’s trip to the Middle East, trying instead to play up that, in their opinion, his “presidency is literally in question”.

Trump’s trip began in Saudi Araba last Friday and in total it will last 9 days spanning 5 countries. Then, this past Sunday Trump delivered an amazing speech in front of representatives from over 50 Muslim-majority countries where he urged them to join together and fight terrorism.

“Here is the problem. This entire conversation is on shaky ground with what’s happening in Washington,” Brzezinski claimed. “You can debate [former President Barack] Obama and say he made mistakes, but we’re talking about a presidency that is literally in question at this point.”

As written for Lifezette by Kathryn Blackhurst:

“But the conversation that we’re having right now really doesn’t — you can debate Obama versus Trump right now but —” Brzezinski began to counter.

“I’m not debating Obama versus Trump,” Scarborough interrupted. “We’re explaining what happened over the last 48 hours and you have to have some context on why he did what he did.”

Brzezinski maintained that the only important context is that “We can’t go a day without this president exploding.” Brzezinski did not explain what “explosions” rocked the president Saturday or Sunday, which together saw historic moments for the president without fresh major controversy.

Although Brzezinski conceded that the leaders in Saudi Arabia and Israel have been “very excited” about Trump and welcoming him to their countries, she couldn’t resist throwing one more barb at Trump’s international efforts.

“They’re very excited about Trump. I think that they also should be very, very nervous,” Brzezinski insisted.

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters latched onto Brzezinski’s dour tone and warnings, expressing doubt Congress will move forward on the president’s legislative agenda.

“Maybe before the Fourth of July recess there’s something that they do on Obamacare. Tax reform was always going to be hard. Whether or not that gets done, I have no idea,” Peters said. “I don’t hear a lot of optimism about that at this moment. Infrastructure looks like that could be harder.”


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