Mind Blowing: Micro-Parasites Cause Cancer And SO MANY OTHER ILLNESSES

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Parasites are a hidden problem. People often think of the massive worms that flow out of their pet but they don’t consider parasites. Many parasites are microscopic and live IN cells. The parasites living inside you are urinating and defecating all day – especially when they are angry and are not getting the sugary foods they so desperately want.

So what’s the problem?



No Energy

Yes, they can create all sorts of cancers in your body. Check out the Parasite Cleanse protocol page where we compile many resources, including videos By Dr. Lee Merritt where she discusses microparasites, cancer and a host of other illnesses that are caused by parasites. Truly mind-blowing and much watch content.

  • To go deeper into Parasites, what to look for and how to treat them, check out our free guide. We continue to turn more stones and will keep this guide updated periodically.

Yes, parasites can make you gain lots of weight. Their cravings are YOUR cravings. Understand that in order to feel happy and healthy, you have to keep THEM happy and healthy. How do they stay happy? They make you crave sugar and processed foods and if you eliminate these foods they will give you MASSIVE HEADACHES.  This is a symbiotic relationship you need to BREAK in order to live life to YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.

Yes, Parasites drain your energy. These are vampiric aliens that drain your life force. They need to be tamed through a proven protocol and their powers reduced through a parasite unfriendly diet.

So What Can You Do Right Now?

First understand, there are micro-parasites in your system. They are doing harm to your body, sucking your energy, causing you to gain weight while accelerating the odds of developing cancer.

Just check out some of the videos about this here – and prepare to have your mind blown….

Also understand, that because of the American diet, roughly 20% of Americans suffer from some form of constipation. Also understand that most parasites are expelled through bowel movements (AKA POOPING). Nevermind all of the microplastics and toxins that are trapped inside the body when we can’t properly go to the bathroom.

This is why a colon cleanse is very important.

So when you can’t poop, the problems in your life grow quickly.

The “PURGE “PURGE, FLUSH  and REBUILD PACK” addresses all of this and more.

First, you have to PURGE the parasites. By PURGE we mean KILL them. Our pack includes 3 bottles of PURGE. Each bottle is 10 days. We recommend PURGING 3 months total.

FLUSH is simple – you need to flush these parasites DOWN THE TOILET. Once you murder these invaders you need to get them out of your system ASAP. Our colon cleanse formula will be gentle on your system, with our all-natural formula but will get the job done for almost everyone PURGING.

Last is our RESTORE. Gut health is everything. In order to recover you need enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. There is not much on the market that covers EVERYTHING but this solution will restore balance in your gut like never before.



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