Man Gets Instant Karma After Attacking Crowd With A Hunting Bow

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We’ve heard about gunshots and teargas being shot into crowds during the riots but have you ever heard of arrows?A rogue vigilante in Utah started firing arrows at protesters blocking the road over the weekend. The whole scene was filmed in Salt Lake City where, just like in many other cities across the country right now, riots are in full swing.

Apparently, a group of protesters had blocked off the road somewhere in the city and the man was fed up it. He emerged from his vehicle with a hunting bow and started brandishing it toward the crowd threatening to shoot arrows at them. One bystander even questioned the man’s intentions asking him if he really considered himself an American. He said he does and then fired a few arrows into the crowd.

One person may have actually been hit as they appear to fall to the ground but the angry man turned away and tried shooting at more people when he was tackled by a group of people who proceeded to beat the living daylights out of him.

That’s not all this guy got for his violence, according to the woman who shot the video SLC PD turned the other cheek and allowed protesters to light the guy’s car on fire. In the end, the man was taken into custody.

This is just one story out of the many crazy and terrifying things happening right now around the United States. A scene unfolded in New York City where police drove their car into a crowd of protesters who were behind a barricade.

People immediately retaliated and jumped onto the car and attempted to destroy it.

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