Man Allegedly Murders Woman with Baseball Bat in Chicago Mayor’s Neighborhood

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It is unsafe in Chicago. That is why we have been banging the same drum for so long. Even the safest communities are no longer safe due to the widespread nature of crime. Even the business and tourist district downtown has degenerated into a violent crime hotspot, like the affluent Gold Coast.

The same holds true for Big Brain Brandon Johnson’s neighborhood street. Chicago’s working-class neighborhood is home to the incoming mayor. Police recently detained Johnson’s neighbor who lives across the street and accused him of a number of offenses, including murdering a woman with a baseball bat. before “disposing” of her body in the alleyway behind his house while smoking some crack.

Really nice area, huh? But things improve.

Just wait until you find out why she was in front of Mayor Johnson’s house.

CWB Chicago has the story:

CHICAGO — A man who lives across the street from Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson was held without bail Tuesday after prosecutors accused him of beating a woman to death with a baseball bat inside his home and dumping her body in the alley.

Arnel Smith, 64, is charged with first-degree murder and concealing a homicidal death.

A medical examiner who handled the 41-year-old victim’s case said they had “never seen so many injuries on someone’s body,” Assistant State’s Attorney Anne McCord said during Smith’s bail hearing.

Smith met the woman once about a year ago, then happened to cross paths with her again at a Citgo gas station around 5 a.m. on Friday.

The two rode a CTA bus back to Smith’s home in the 5700 block of West Superior. There, they smoked crack and the woman performed a sex act, according to McCord.

Afterward, said McCord, Smith accused the woman of stealing money and would not let her leave until she paid him what he believed he was owed.

The altercation turned violent.

Smith beat the woman with a baseball bat and stabbed her with broken pottery until she died, McCord alleged.

After the murder, Smith allegedly smoked some more crack, wrapped the woman’s body in a comforter, and dragged her to an alley. Surveillance video showed him trying to place the body into a dumpster, but he was “physically unable” to complete the task, so he left her on the ground, McCord said.

Now, unlike the rest of you, I don’t have any neighbors who bring hookers home with them to use crack and engage in other illegal activities. Furthermore, there haven’t actually been any crimes in the area, much less a brutal murder with a bat. But then again, I don’t live close to Brandon Johnson, the Big Brain Mayor of Murder City USA.


I hope you don’t do it either.



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