Major Got Exiled From The White House After Biting Incident

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President Biden is speaking up for his youngest German Shepherd after his White House biting incident claiming that the rescued pup was only trying to be a good protector.

George Stephanopoulos came straight out with it during an ABC interview with the president asking if three-year-old Major was out of the house yet.

Biden responded with a laugh and said yes, he is, but explained the incident with Major involved someone the dog wan unfamiliar with making too many sudden movements.

The president also pointed out the important detail that Major’s bite did not break the skin.

Both presidential pups were sent back home to Delaware after the encounter but Biden clarified that they were not being banished from the White House without their parents to care for them suggesting that the First Lady Jill would be joining them soon.

The truth is, transitioning into the White House can be stressful on anyone, especially for brothers Major and Champ.

Despite President Biden insisting Major wasn’t completely to blame, he did say that the rambunctious doggo would now be getting more training.

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