Liberal Yutz Wants To Play Semantics With The Second Amendment

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There have been hundreds, if not thousands of attempts by the liberal left to damage or destroy the Second Amendment, but perhaps none quite as novel as the approach taken by veteran progressive newscaster Keith Olbermann this week.

Olbermann, who’s worked a hodgepodge of jobs within the infotainment industry over the years, this week suggested that the wording of the Second Amendment itself is prohibitive to gun owners.

Mr. Olbermann made his legal claim in a video he posted to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon before that evening’s baseball All-Star Game in Denver, where authorities had earlier arrested four people over a stash of long guns and ammunition.

“Consider again the holy Second Amendment to the Constitution and ask yourself this question. Why doesn’t the 2nd Amendment have the word ‘own’ in it? Why does it not say the right to own guns or a synonym for own?” he asked sarcastically before reciting the existing amendment.

Then came the hard-to-take-serious assertions:

It says “‘keep and bear’ … not ‘own.’ ‘Keep’ doesn’t mean ‘own’; ‘bear’ doesn’t mean ‘own,’” he said to his close-up camera.

In his tweet promoting the video he declared that “the 2nd Amendment does NOT authorize gun OWNERSHIP!”

The Second Amendment “isn’t about gun ownership, it’s about regulation of state militias,” he said on the video. “Yet thousands of us die every year buried under this same [expletive].”

Olbermann was unsurprisingly lambasted on Twitter, with many users simply referring to the dictionary definition of the word “keep”, which clearly seems to indicate that ownership is a part of that equation.

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