Horrific: Teen Kills Family While Driving Intoxicated Smiles In Mug Shot

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A tragic incident in Texas has left a family shattered and a community reeling from the devastating aftermath. Luke Garrett Resecker, an 18-year-old teenager, faces serious charges after allegedly causing a fatal collision while driving under the influence, just one day after Christmas.

The heart-wrenching crash claimed the lives of six individuals from the same family, including Rushil Barri, 28; Nageswararao Ponnada, 64; Sitamahalakshmi Ponnada, 60; Naveena Potabathula, 36; Krithik Potabathula, 10; and Nishidha Potabathula, 9. Lokesh Potabuthala, 43, miraculously survived but sustained severe injuries. The family, originally from India, was visiting relatives in Texas when tragedy struck.

Resecker, who appeared in a new mugshot image with a grin, faces six counts of intoxication manslaughter, along with additional charges including intoxication assault and possession of controlled substances. Investigators allege that Resecker was under the influence of THC, the active component in marijuana, at the time of the accident. Marijuana and a vape pen containing THC were reportedly found in his vehicle, a white Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.

The collision occurred on December 26, 2023, when Resecker’s pickup truck veered into oncoming traffic on US 67, colliding head-on with the family’s Honda Odyssey minivan. Despite their attempts to evade the oncoming vehicle, the family couldn’t avoid the crash. Both vehicles sustained severe damage, resulting in catastrophic consequences.

Helicopter rescue teams airlifted the survivors, including Resecker, to nearby hospitals. Resecker, initially listed in critical condition, was deemed medically unfit for jail due to his injuries. Consequently, a judge placed him under house arrest with a GPS monitor after posting bond.

The lone survivor of the family suffered unimaginable loss, losing his wife, children, parents-in-law, and cousin in the tragic accident. He endured severe injuries, including a deep intestinal injury and multiple fractures throughout his body, with uncertain prospects for recovery.

Rushil Barri, the driver of the minivan, had moved to Texas from India in August 2020, while the other family members resided in Alpharetta, Georgia. The family had been returning from a trip to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center when the crash occurred.https://youtu.be/4z7-FDRkbx0

The harrowing incident deeply affected those close to the victims, including Barri’s roommate, Ayyappala Bandaru, who described Barri as ambitious and driven. Bandaru expressed shock and disbelief upon learning about the crash, highlighting Barri’s aspirations and the struggles they had overcome together.

The tragedy serves as a grim reminder of the devastating consequences of driving under the influence. It has left a void in the lives of those who knew and loved the victims, underscoring the importance of responsible and safe driving practices to prevent such senseless loss of life in the future.


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