HHS Secretary Tom Price Schools Chuck Todd on Sticking to Real News

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I guess the Liberal Left have nearly ran out of fake news to make up and discuss about the President, so now they’re essentially trying to target him and push a quasi-bully angle. It’s not going to work.

It’s called fighting fire with fire, you wackos.

As Written By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

Today of all days that argument might be tough to make, but credit HHS Secretary Tom Price for making it anyway. To be fair, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd wades through the ObamaCare repeal quagmire first before hitting Price up for a response to Donald Trump’s Twitter attacks on Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. Price wonders why they’re discussing it at all:

CHUCK TODD: Let me ask you about the tone of the president’s tweets. Many Republicans in the Senate condemned the personal attack on Mika Brzezinski and attacking on her looks. You have Lindsey Graham saying it was “beneath the office.” Ben Sasse, “This isn’t normal.” Jeff Flake, “Beneath the dignity of the presidency.” Susan Collins begging, “This has to stop.” Lisa Murkowski begging, “This has to stop.” Does his behavior bother you?

SECY. TOM PRICE: Well, what I’m concentrated on is the job that he’s given me. And that is to make certain that we fulfill the mission of the Department of Health and Human Services, which is to improve the health, safety, and well-being of the American people. And there are a whole array of activities that we’re undertaking. One of them is this piece of legislation that’s in the Senate right now. But my job is consumed by making certain that we fulfill the mission at the department.

CHUCK TODD: I’m just asking you as a father. If your son tweeted about a woman like that, what would you say to him………



Price: Let’s talk about real issues and not Trump’s tweets – Hot Air Hot Air


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