Here’s What You Need To Know About the New Spooky ‘Ghost Gun’ Laws

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In Biden’s latest gun-grabbing scheme, we now need to be mindful of purchasing certain parts at our gun shops, and the gun shops are now having to pull some stock they may have in inventory and do more work.

The new Biden rule that custom-made gun packs, aka 80 percenters, that are used to construct “ghost guns” are now legally categorized as traditional guns, went into effect on Wednesday after the government declined requests to halt the reform.

This is ridiculous because there is no such thing as a “ghost gun.” You can’t purchase something called a “ghost gun” online. It’s sort of like the term “assault weapon” or “weapon of war.” These are more than spooky terms to scare the uneducated American people into going along with their gun-grabbing agenda.

The guidelines say that the primary parts used to fabricate ghost guns — the edges and collectors — be serialized. They likewise expect that purchasers undergo background checks before buying the parts and that vendors be governmentally authorized to sell the kits and keep sales records.

The restrictions, which the White House declared in April, came full circle regardless of directive solicitations from plaintiffs to stop the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives from implementing them.

On Tuesday, Chief U.S. Locale Judge Peter Welte in North Dakota denied a solicitation for a primer or long-lasting directive as a piece of a suit documented by an alliance of state Republican attorneys general, gun crowds, and a firearm store owner. The appointed authority decided the Biden rule “was and remains constitutional under the Second Amendment.”

According to the White House, around 20,000 thought ghost gun recoveries were reported to ATF last year alone.

“These guns have often been sold as build-your-own kits that contain all or almost all of the parts needed to build an unmarked gun quickly. And anyone could sell or buy these guns without a background check,” Attorney General Merrick Garland said in an explanation Wednesday.

“That changes today. This rule will make it harder for criminals and other prohibited persons to obtain untraceable guns,” he said.

Honestly, this ‘president’ and administration hasn’t done anything for the people except trample our rights, and he has used all his time in office to try and pry firearms out of We the People and disarm America in the name of ‘safety’ so that we become more dependent on the government.

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