He Was A Top Disney Star, But YEARS Of Drug Abuse Have Ripped Him Apart…

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A former child star is opening up about his addiction battle…

In the magical land of Hollywood, there was a young, bright-eyed boy named Shaun Weiss. The world knew him as the star actor who played the role of Goldberg, the goalie in the hit movie, The Mighty Ducks. The future seemed so promising for this talented child actor, with his infectious smile and the world at his feet. Little did anyone know that a dark storm was brewing on the horizon, destined to cast a shadow over his life.

As the years passed, the once-shining star began to dim. By the time he turned 40, the boy we all knew and loved had vanished, replaced by a man on a downward spiral of drug addiction and crime. It seemed as if the golden opportunities of his youth had slipped through his fingers like sand.

Just a few months after checking himself into a drug-abuse treatment center Shaun was arrested for shoplifting. It was a cold November day when the police apprehended him for stealing from a Los Angeles drugstore. His once youthful face, now ravaged by addiction, made him almost unrecognizable.

The tale of his misdeeds quickly spread like wildfire, with TMZ being the first to report that he had stolen $200 worth of merchandise. The former child star now faced the consequences of his actions: a petty theft charge and a probation violation.

Shaun’s downward spiral continued, as his life became a series of criminal acts, each one more desperate than the last. In August 2018, the troubled actor was arrested for public intoxication. After this disgraceful episode, he sought help in a rehab facility, hoping to turn his life around.

However, the demons that haunted Shaun persisted. Besides his recent theft and public drunkenness, he had been arrested several times for other theft incidents and drug possession.

In July 2017, he was caught stealing around $150 worth of items from an electronics store. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 150 days in jail. This marked the beginning of a descent from which it seemed almost impossible to return.

Despite the bleak outlook, Shaun’s manager, Don Gibble, expressed hope that the actor would find redemption. He shared with Us Weekly that Shaun aimed to stay sober after his release and planned to write a script based on his experiences.

But fate had other plans. After serving just two weeks of his sentence, Shaun was released, only to be arrested again five days later, this time for possession of methamphetamine. Rumors also circulated that he had been caught stumbling around near the yards of Warner Bros. studios.

As details of the actor’s prior wrongdoings emerged, his life proceeded to fall apart. A restraining order request was made against him in 2013 by an ex-girlfriend who said he turned aggressive and threatened her with a machete. Shaun’s transformation into the man he had become was horrifyingly revealed in the specifics of the occurrence.

This heartbreaking account of a young actor’s downfall serves as a sobering warning about the dangers that might hide behind success and notoriety. Shaun Weiss’s narrative, which was once a source of inspiration and brilliance, today serves as a warning to everyone who aspires to the fame and fortune of Hollywood.

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