Has Jill Biden Completed The Transformation Into Being The Shadow President…

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According to reports, the one pulling the strings in Joe Biden’s presidency is no other than his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, who has no political experience.

And amid reports that Jill Biden has become the power behind Joe Biden’s throne. We now need to get ready for a powerful First Lady in the 2024 elections, as Joe Biden’s dumpster-fire presidency has taken another disturbing turn. Because in the 2024 elections, Jill Biden is expected to play a significant role in major campaign decisions, potentially including the decision to let her husband run for office again, as reported by Bloomberg.

Jill Biden who has been by the President’s side for two years and who has never held elected office, is her husband’s “closest and most protective confidante” and is influencing every major decision he makes, according to Bloomberg’s Nancy Cook. Now, the 71-year-old First Lady will be tasked with appealing to female voters in Biden’s upcoming re-election campaign—putting her in the spotlight.

“She is his gut check on everything,” Michael LaRosa, former press secretary to the first lady said.

The first lady closely monitors her husband’s public image and the overarching themes of his speeches and events, although she is not known for delving into policy details as people familiar with the matter said. Biden, who, at 80, is the oldest person to have ever held the presidency will be also supported by the first lady in his potential re-election bid.

Providing input on President Biden’s selection of Miguel Cardona as Education Secretary and his appointment of Jen Psaki as the first White House press secretary, Jill Biden asserted herself as a professional educator. Also in 2022, for allowing the president to field questions at a January news conference for two hours, which Jill deemed too long, she then confronted Biden’s top aides during a meeting, demanding an explanation.

“Where the Light Enters, I remember every slight committed against the people I love,” Jill Biden’s memoir she wrote in 2019 said.

The senior advisor to the first lady, Anthony Bernal, is a highly regarded and intimidating figure in the West Wing. His reputation is based on his abilities and creative flair, but he is also known for his blunt approach.

Lauren Wright, a political scientist at Princeton University, claims that Jill Biden is still the only spouse of a president who holds down a career outside of the White House. As revealed in her memoir, she still teaches English classes twice a week at Northern Virginia Community College, and for her lectures, her Secret Service detail dresses as students.

“Should voters assess not only the capabilities of Joe Biden heading into the 2024 election but also those of his wife? If over the ensuing four years the president’s mental acuity declines rapidly, will Jill Biden take the reins?” Liz Peek asked.

There is a significant likelihood that Dr. Jill will assume a more prominent role in the nation’s affairs if Joe Biden’s decline accelerates. She appears to be doing this already, in fact.

Despite calls for him to undergo a cognitive assessment test and disclose the outcomes, he has thus far declined to do so, Joe Biden would begin his second term at the age of 82 assuming re-election.

Several people think Jill Biden might be interfering with her husband’s ability to take the test, as questions have been raised since Joe Biden has not taken the 10-minute Montreal Cognitive Assessment, but Donald Trump did it and aced it.

And everyone should be concerned about this…

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