HA! A Soros Puppet Is About To Be Kicked Out Of Office….

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Soros-backed Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner is being impeached over the “catastrophic consequences” of his “progressive philosophies” in the crime-ridden Pennsylvania city.

The first such hearing in nearly 30 years and one of only a handful of times the centuries-old legislature has sought to remove someone from office. Krasner is being soft on crime and allowing “chaos” to reign in the streets.

Republican Reps. Josh Kail, Torren Ecker, and Tim O’Neal introduced articles of impeachment Monday. The three appeared together on Fox and Friends to discuss the impeachment.

Kail said in a statement:

“We fully anticipate this to be a bipartisan effort, we fully anticipate to gather quite a bit of support amongst this effort because quite honestly the dereliction of duty and the failure of Larry Krasner is well known across the commonwealth.” 

“We want to highlight the dereliction of duty that we’ve seen from this district attorney. Lives have been lost, property has been destroyed, and really families have been crushed. Enough is enough. And we need to do something, and we need to get back to the basics in this commonwealth and in this nation really, we need to get back to law and order. Chaos has had too much of a reign in Philadelphia, and it’s time to stop it,” Kail added.

According to The Beltway Report, Complaints against Krasner include, but are certainly not limited to:

-Earlier this month, he actually blamed the National Rifle Association after a deadly mass shooting in Philadelphia: “The terrible crimes last night on South Street tell our Pennsylvania legislators it’s time for real action. Boycott NRA lobbyists, boycott NRA donations, and bring real commonsense gun regulation to Pennsylvania. Now.”

-Krasner’s office withdrew an armed carjacking case when the victim failed to appear in court — and the suspect later was charged in the killing of Temple University student Samuel Collington, shot while unloading his vehicle after returning from Thanksgiving with his family last year.

-Krasner cut plea deals with violent criminals whose lawyers donated to his campaign, Fox News reported in 2021, citing city financial records.

-“It’s been a complete train wreck since [Krasner] has been in office,” Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby told the Washington Free Beacon last year. “His failed social experiment has driven crime up, driven murders up. On the street, the criminals know that there are no repercussions. They call him ‘Let ‘Em Out Larry’ — it’s a joke.”

-In May 2021, Philadelphia’s police union gave away Mister Softee ice cream outside Krasner’s office to show he’s “soft on crime,” Fox News reported.

In the second of these reports released Monday, the select committee cited criticism of Krasner from the Philadelphia Police Department and members of both the state and the federal judiciary. He’s accused of violating court rules in his “zeal” to overturn a death sentence, abusing the grand jury process to prosecute a former on-duty police officer for homicide, and withdrawing from other violent crime cases at an “alarming rate.”

During a press conference at the Capitol on Wednesday morning, proponents of impeachment cited rising rates of homicide, robberies, and carjackings.

Sources: TheBeltwayReport, Fox News, Washington Free Beacon

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