Freedom Convoy Protester Rejected Bond, You Will Not Think Why

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Among the coordinators for Canada’s Liberty Convoy was apprehended and also will certainly be held without bond in an Ottawa jail. The judge refuted Tamara Lich bail because he considered her a danger to the public risk. Lich has no criminal record. I guess by ‘hazard’ he’s describing the $10 million she raised in crowdfunding that was wrongfully frozen by GoFundMe.

“There is a significant threat you will proceed these activities and also will not follow an order,” the judge informed Lich, according to Global News reporter David Akin.

“Your recent history in our city … satisfies me that your detention is essential for the safety and security as well as defense of the public,” the court included.

National guard soldiers will supposedly deploy starting Tuesday and also stay in place till completion of March. I’m unsure anyone can convince me that the call to withdraw

bail isn’t a political step. Especially when we … Source

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