Former Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani Forced To Hand Over Evidence To The Feds

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For many political observers, it was fairly obvious that the other shoe had to drop at some point. There had to be at least a half-hearted effort toward comeuppance, or else the Biden administration would be seen as losing its teeth. And then they’d lose the ultra-liberal left. And then the next several elections.

So, in order to appease the radical base that the Democratic Party has cultivated for itself, Biden had to let some of his ligneous dogs of their damned leashes.

That is precisely what happened this week after former Trump attorney, (and former Mayor of New York City), Rudy Giuliani found himself handing over some “evidence” to the feds.

Federal investigators from the office Rudy Giuliani used to lead searched the former New York City mayor’s Manhattan apartment and Park Avenue office early Wednesday, sources tell numerous outlets. Insiders tell the New York Times that Giuliani’s electronic devices were seized in connection with an investigation of his dealings in Ukraine. Sources tell the Times and AP that the United States Attorney’s office in Manhattan, which Giuliani led from 1983 to 1989, pushed for a search warrant last year but the Justice Department under former President Trump refused to sign off on it.

The AP reports that in doing so now, prosecutors are indicating they have probable cause that Giuliani committed a federal crime; that does not mean he will be charged. The Times calls it “an extraordinary move for prosecutors to take against a lawyer, let alone a lawyer for a former president.”

Another former Trump lawyer, Michael Cohen, took to Twitter to gloat ominously.

The move could be just the first of many investigatory assaults on the Trump empire, with the former President himself facing a rather worrisome probe of his finances back in Manhattan.

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