Former Trump Advisor Peter Navarro Rejects DOJ Plea Deal

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Former White House Trade Advisor under President Trump rejects DOJ’s plea deal for contempt charges

Peter Navarro, who served as the White House Trade Advisor under President Trump, was charged with contempt of Congress for refusal to “cooperate” with the tyrannical January 6th Committee and pleaded not guilty to the contrived and overreaching charges on June 17th.

Trump appointee Peter Navarro

The two misdemeanor counts of contempt of Congress which Navarro was charged with came about as direct overreach from the “unselect” Congressional Committee in their prove into the January 6th events, in which they rejected Navarro’s claim of executive privilege.

In March, they voted to press criminal charges against Navarro.

Each of his two counts of contempt would land him up to 1 year in prison–a piece.

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In a pitiful plea deal offer, the Department of Justice offered to give him a maximum of 30 days in prison for a single count of contempt and drop the other count–if he not only pleads guilty but also cooperates with the January 6th Committee’s subpoena “to the satisfaction of the Justice Department.”

“It’s a complicated constitutional case involving separation of powers,” John Irving, one of Navarro’s defense attorneys, stated.

“It involves not only the President of the United States asserting his executive privilege, but over 50 years of DOJ opinions that make it clear that top presidential aides are able to assert absolute immunity and not testify before Congress. Not only that, but also the Justice Department has longstanding policies about not prosecuting someone criminally for this kind of situation,” he added. “So I wonder what changed.”

The overreach by Biden’s crooked Justice Department and by the tyrannical January 6th Committee is unlawful, unethical, and unconstitutional.

So much so, in fact, that even Obama-appointed Judge Mehta expressed concern about the treatment of Peter Navarro.

“It is curious to me, at a minimum, why the government treated Mr. Navarro’s arrest the way it did,” Mehta said. “It is a federal crime, but it is not a violent crime.”

“It’s surprising that self-surrender was not offered as an opportunity.”

Navarro is not the first Trump appointee or advisor to be charged with this “crime” by the Committee, and the other, Steve Bannon, goes to trial on July…


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