Exciting Announcement From Trump Sends Democrats Into A Panic

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There is a media storm brewing and it is about ready to unleash its fury onto President Trump. Recently, he announced that he is ready to get back on the road and start campaigning again. This will include rallies, they may only be outdoors, but there will be rallies nonetheless.

This is fantastic news for many reasons, mostly because the media is going to get stirred up and go into a panic once they see all the support for President Trump that is still out there.

We already know that President Trump on the campaign trail is unstoppable. Also, this would mean that former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden has to come out of hiding and interact with real live people again, thus giving him the chance to make himself look like a bumbling fool once again.

There is no doubt that Democrat swing state governors will do everything in their power to have these Trump campaign rallies shut down. All of these governors have shown their hypocrisy by having gone on the record endorsing those protesting the death of George Floyd when just last week they got upset during a press conference outside the White House when the chairs were moved closer together.

If Democratic governors were smart they would stay silent on this matter and let the President campaign in their states. But Governors like Gretchen Whitmore won’t be able to keep their mouths shut. The optics will reveal an epic double standard.

Democrats are already sweating because they know that this isn’t good for their side. They know they can’t compete with Trump and once he starts his campaign trail again as the pandemic is dying out, Biden will be demolished. I can almost guarantee that no one will show up to Bidens rallies and I can’t wait to see what happens during the debates.

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