DOMINOES ARE ACTUALLY BEGINNING TO FALL … Female Running Vote-Harvesting Procedure Pleads Guilty to 26 CRIME VOTER FRAUD Charges

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The dominoes are beginning

to fall … Monica Mendez of Slot Lavaca, TX, who managed a ballot cropping operation in behalf of a subsidized casing corporation, has pleaded bad to 26 legal matters of citizen fraudulence. The costs include 3 matters of prohibited voting, 8 matters of election fraudulence, 7 counts of supporting a voter to submit a ballot by mail, as well as 8 counts of against the law belongings of a mail election.

“Mendez managed a vote-harvesting operation on behalf of a sponsored casing enterprise if you want to affect the end result of an energy panel election,” TX AG Paxton mentioned of Mendez’s conviction that was actually looked into as well as taken to court by the Vote-casting Honesty staff in cooperation with the Victoria Co. District Legal representative’s office.

The fees derive from a May 2018 Bloomington water panel political election involving 8 electors’ ballots.

Victoria County Elections Manager Margetta Hill mentioned in June 2021 Mendez worked as a volunteer deputy registrar during the 2018 water panel election in Bloomington.

As a volunteer representant registrar, Mendez would certainly possess been accountable for aiding citizens enroll to elect, Hillside claimed. After regional officials were informed that the chief law officer’s office was actually examining Mendez’s conduct in 2018, Mendez’s registrar license was actually certainly not revitalized.

“The moment our experts hear one thing that is actually not right, we can withdraw her certificate,” Hill said in 2021. “Our experts failed to renew it.

Bloomington’s water panel vote-casting happened under examination in 2018 after about 275 individuals in the country community of 2,500 registered to recommend using the very same mailing address. The mailing deal with was a post office package associated with rental properties connected to ALMS, a nearby property not-for-profit implicated of unjustly trying to succeed ballots during that vote-casting.

AG Paxton’s office files– After Mendez entered into a guilty plea on all 26 counts as well as validated in court of law that all matters can be verified beyond a sensible question, District Court Eli Garza sentenced Mendez to five years of postponed decision probation.

Read a copy of the indictment listed here:


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