DEVELOPING: Somali Refugees Arrested In MN With An ARSENAL

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Two Somali Refugees have been arrested in Minnesota and found with an ARSENAL of guns and grenades!

A routine arrest leads MN cops to an arsenal of guns and bomb making devices. The two men, with priors, are currently facing weapons charges.

The incident in and of itself is a routine traffic stop. where the folks were being belligerent so the cops put them in the car and search the car and find AK-47s and bomb making material.

They have priors, arrested before for illegal hand guns, drugs, misdemeanor. So the question is why are people who have come here as a privilege to be here in american staying here?

Are they on Homeland Security’s radar? Probably not. And the FBI currently has it’s hands full in that area due to the influx of refugees located there.

Stick with Freedom Clash as this story develops!


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