Democrats Are Embarrassed By Biden’s Latest Gaffe

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Former Vice President Joe Biden seems like he is down to his last marble. He rambles on and on with incoherency and no regard for the English language. Its as if he starts a sentence with no idea of where it’s going, he just hopes it will make sense at the end.

This time Biden was doing an interview with CBS when he was asked about his son, Hunter’s connections to China, and whether or not he felt that those connections could have a harmful impact on his presidential campaign.

“And are you vulnerable on this issue at all because of your son’s business dealings in China?” the reporter asked.

Biden answered, “My son’s business dealings [in China] were not anything what everybody that he’s talking about, not even remotely, number one.”

What?! Just reading that gives me a headache.

Why are people even considering this man for President of the United States? He can not form one coherent sentence much less govern the entire country. Clearly, there is something not right with Biden. All signs point to the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. The democrats should be more concerned about his health than winning the election.

Although Biden’s gaffes are normally worse than this, usually he will just say something stupid. But this time its just nonsense. No one really knows what he is trying to say. This could be the reason Biden’s staff doesn’t want anymore debates with Sanders or any public events at all.

According to one Democrat, “A lot of people are nervous that he’s lost some of his mojo. They’re getting nervous about him going toe to toe with Trump. But the problem is, there doesn’t seem to be an alternative.”

What else can they do when Biden is their only option?

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