Democrat Alan Dershowitz Has Bad News for Bernie and Jane Sanders

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With the latest allegations against Jane and Bernie Sanders, the couple as decided it’s time to LAWYER UP. And now, it’s being suggested or even asked that criminal charges be brought up against him. I’d imagine if they are found guilty in civil court, it’s a big possibility.

As written for Fox News by Alan Dershowitz:

It’s just as wrong to use this dangerous tactic against Democrats as it is against Republicans, but don’t expect to hear the same convoluted arguments in favor of an expansive view of “fraud” from the “get Trump” zealots as they are making with regard to prosecuting Trump for obstruction of justice.

Both statutes require vague accordion-like criteria, such as “fraudulent intent” and/or “corrupt motive,” which are capable of being expanded or contracted depending on who is being targeted.

Dershowitz: Why The Sanders FBI Bank Loan Investigation Is Dangerous Territory


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