Councilman Get An Instant Dose Of Karma After Voting To Defund The Police

I can't say I'm upset about this. If you ask me, this is justice. This is the sort of thing that happens when you make stupid decisions like defunding the police.

Last year, Atlanta city councilman and mayoral candidate Antonio Brown supported an effort to hold back $73 million from the city's police department budget. Now, as crime explodes across the U.S., Brown must face the effects of the leftist push to defund the police.

As Antonio Brown exited his white Mercedes to talk with someone at a ribbon-cutting event, four children aged six to 12 hopped into the car. Brown, whose vehicle has keyless entry, didn't realize the car was running. A struggle ensued between Brown, his friend, and the juvenile thieves.

From Fox News:

Brown said the thieves jumped in his vehicle Wednesday after he got out to speak with community leader Ben Norman. He noted his white Mercedes-Benz coupe has keyless push-to-start ignition and he failed to realize it had been started, reports said.

The councilman described the kids as being between ages 6 and 12, FOX 5 reported.

"One kid was in the driver’s seat. Ben attempted to open the door to get him out of the car. He fought with Ben. I then engaged and tried to get him out of the car. The three other kids were trying to figure out how to get in the car or stay out of the car. He started to hit on the gas," Brown said.

The car thieves dragged Brown down the street as he attempted to hang on to his Mercedes. Eventually, he let go to avoid injury. Instead of blaming the kids' parents for letting their children run wild in the middle of the day, Brown lamented what he called a "generational poverty issue." He wondered, "Why aren’t we enforcing systems to ensure that if they are not in school, they’re in recreational centers?"

As police investigate the incident, Brown himself is under a continuing investigation for federal fraud in connection with winning his city council seat in a 2019 special election.

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