CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Trump Says The Worst Is Behind Us

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This past Tuesday, President Trump suggested that the “worst days” of the COVID-19 pandemic are behind us and he welcomed a group of small-business owners into the White House.

During this Trump expressed hope and optimism about the future and economic recovery of the United States.

“As our nation battles against this terrible scourge, we continue to pray for the victims as well as those Americans who are grieving their lost ones and their loved ones. We suffer with one heart, but we will prevail. We are coming back, and we’re coming back strong,” President Trump said.

He also added, “Now that our experts believe that the worst days of the pandemic are behind us, Americans are looking forward to the safe and rapid reopening of our country.”

The Hill reports:

The White House is seeking to focus on efforts to revive the U.S. economy as the pandemic eases and states begin to relax coronavirus restrictions. A number of states have announced plans to slowly begin loosening restrictions in the coming weeks to reopen their economies, even as concerns persist over the U.S. ability to test for the virus, which has now sickened over 1 million Americans.

Tuesday’s event featured a parade of small-business owners and employees who thanked the president and his administration for the Paycheck Projection Program, which was established by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act that Trump signed at the end of March. Trump signed new legislation last week that provided $310 billion in additional funding for the loan program after it ran out of funds in just weeks. 

Trump has handled this situation like a pro and if anyone disagrees I would like to see them stand up in front of the entire world and do a better job.

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