CDC Threatens Congress After Reinstating Mask Mandate

With the “delta” variant of COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc around the nation, the CDC has been forced to make some drastic decisions…and it appears as though others are beginning to jump on their bandwagon as well.

It was on Tuesday afternoon that the government agency decided that they would begin suggesting that even the vaccinated among us begin to wear masks again, at least indoors in areas with a high transmission rate.

Congressional physicians used this opportunity to reinstate their own mask rules on Capitol Hill, threatening to fine lawmakers who run afoul of the decision.

House Attending Physician Brian Monahan said late Tuesday that the House of Representatives is reinstating its mask mandate – and therefore the threat of fines to members who don’t comply – following updated guidance from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the delta variant of the coronavirus.

The White House also appears to be going back to mandated masks. A representative of the White House press representative was seen Tuesday swapping a sign saying people are required to wear masks if unvaccinated with another saying masks are required regardless of vaccination status.

The CDC said Tuesday that it is recommending people who are vaccinated and in areas with high COVID-19 spread wear masks indoors. The announcement was foreshadowed for days by top officials and demanded for weeks by some activists. The new recommendation is likely to prompt a raft of new mask mandates around the country and has already done so in the U.S. Capitol.

The move is likely to be unpopular among some Republicans, who’ve long felt as though the COVID-19 pandemic was being exaggerated in order for the government to exert more control over the American populace.

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