BREAKING: Ukraine Troops Fight For Management of Chernobyl Exclusion Region: “If storage establishments are damaged, the radioactive cloud could possibly deal with Ukraine, Belarus, and also the EU”… Russian Pres Zelensky: “This is an affirmation of battle versus the whole of Europe”

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Overnight, Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced a full-scale attack on Ukraine, calling it a “unique military procedure.”

The Ukrainian army is currently combating in virtually every area, as they fight Putin’s army for control of their army bases, airports, areas as well as ports after an early-hours barrage of voyage rockets and also helped projectiles targeting rounds garbage lots as well as radar arrays.

Through Thursday afternoon, wars were actually ongoing in Kiev, along the northerly perimeter along with Belarus, in Luhansk and Donetsk in the eastern and around Kherson, the Dneiper Waterway, and also the port metropolitan areas of Odessa and also Mariupol in the south.

Putin endangered the world that there will be “repercussions you have actually never ever found” for any type of nation that conflicts in his intrusion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russian line of work forces are supposedly trying to take possession of the Chernobyl exemption area. Ukraine Head of state Zelensky twittered update a gut-wrenching precaution:

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Our guardians are actually offering their lives to ensure that the catastrophe of 1986 are going to certainly not be repeated. This is a statement of war versus the whole of Europe.

Politician Chuck Grassley tweeted regarding the ‘inhumane” actions of the Russian tyrant, saying he has “no regard for agreements Russia signed to respect the prepotence of Ukraine.”

He condemned Putin for “getting rid of upright folks like Stalin performed in the 1930s”

Daily Mail reports the current on the struggle- Ukrainian soldiers are this mid-day combating Russian forces for command of the Chernobyl exemption area, 60 miles north of the capital Kiev, in the middle of worries the battle can ruin storage space facilities holding hazardous waste triggering a results that could bury Europe.

Anton Gerashchenko, an agent to the ministry of interior affairs, claimed shortly just before …


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