Biggest Win Yet For Trump Handed Down From The SCOTUS

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Yet another huge win has been handed to President Donald Trump by the Supreme Court of the United States.

This one comes in the form of a policy which is known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, or MPP. This requires those individuals who are seeking asylum at the southern border to stay put in Mexico while the United States considers whether or not to grant them asylum.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals had stated that they would block Trump’s policy in Arizona and California, however, beyond those two states, the Ninth Court has no jurisdiction.

According to Fox News,

“The application for stay presented to Justice Kagan and by her referred to the Court is granted, and the district court’s April 8, 2019 order granting a preliminary injunction is stayed pending the timely filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari,” the Supreme Court said in an order, which noted that Justice Sonia Sotomayor opposed the Trump administration’s stay application.

The high court action came a day before the lower court order was to have taken effect. Instead, the “Remain in Mexico” policy will remain in force while a lawsuit challenging it plays out in the courts.

The Justice Department responded Wednesday by saying the high court’s order restores “the government’s ability to manage the Southwest border and to work cooperatively with the Mexican government to address illegal immigration.”

“We are gratified that the Supreme Court granted a stay, which prevents a district court injunction from impairing the security of our borders and the integrity of our immigration system,” a DOJ spokesman said.

In January of last year, the policy was introduced in San Diego and has only expanded since then. Approximately 60,000 migrants “seeking asylum” and been returned to Mexico to wait for their cases to be reviewed since the introduction of the policy.

Some kinks are still being worked out regarding the policy, but in the meantime, the rule stands.

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