Antifa Punk Gets A Smack Down After Picking On The Wrong Guy

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I just love it when a moment of poetic justice plays out and some jerk gets what he deserves. When that jerk is apart of Antifa, it makes the whole thing that much more satisfying.

Over the weekend a group of Antifa punks gathered near the Justice Center in Portland, Oregon. One of the group members approaches an occupied vehicle and forcibly opens the door. The man inside the car, who was minding his own business, exits the vehicle and executes a tactical takedown slamming the jerk to the ground.

In a video taken of the confrontation, you can see the whole thing go down and hear the man yelling at the Antifa member, “Don’t you ever, ever come into my vehicle again! Do you understand me?”

Suddenly the members of the group aren’t so big and bad and scurry away leaving their friend pinned to the ground.

The Anifa punk on the grounds says, “I wasn’t trying to do anything.” If that is true why did he harass a complete stranger just sitting in his car?

The entire group begins to panic because the man has arrows in his car. It’s funny how these Antifa people are worried about this man having weapons when they are the ones going around terrorizing innocent bystanders.

These so-called ‘activists’ are supposed to be protesting on behalf of BlackLivesMatter but they just harassed an innocent black man on camera then they are the ones who called the cops. Antifa’s objective is not about black lives, it’s just a big front to try and push the radical left’s agenda.

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