Another Mysterious Monolith Has Appeared With No Explanation

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Remember some scene in some old television show where someone is having a bad day and they say, “well, at least it’s not raining,” and before they can blink rain comes pouring out of the sky and that poor character is now soaking wet? This year has kind of been like that. Just when you think it can’t get any worse or more weird, it does.

Huge metal monoliths have been appearing all over the world and no one has any explanation for them.

The first one popped up in the Utah desert only to disappear in the dead of night. Just hours later another was spotted in Romania but that one has since disappeared too.

Now, a third one has shown up in California.

Fox News reports:

“There is currently a monolith at the top of Pine Mountain in Atascadero!” tweeted Connor Allen on Wednesday afternoon.

The Atascadero News reported that it was 10-feet tall and 18 inches wide, and could be pushed over.

The second monolith mysteriously “disappeared” after news spread on social media when it appeared on a Romanian hillside

Local media reported that the strange structure was removed Sunday night, but it’s unclear who took it. Locals reported seeing “strange lights” in the area at the time, according to Jurnalfm.

The metal structure, which was between 9.8 feet and 13.1 feet tall, was near the ancient fortress Petrodava, the outlet said.

Word of the California monolith quickly spread across social media.

While no one really knows for sure where these strange structures are coming from, or if there is even any connection between the three, the one theory that seems to make any sense is that these are nothing more than abstract art installations meant to go viral.

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