A HUGE Change In Coronavirus Numbers Could Mean The End Is Near

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Over the course of the last year, the entire nation has changed dramatically around us. A massive pandemic, the likes of which hadn’t been seen in over a century, rolled through major cities and small towns alike here in the United States, decimating not only the at-risk individuals around us but also the economy.

Now, as vaccines continue to be distributed near and far, and Operation Warp Speed’s remnants actually begin to go warp speed, there is a very steady, bright light at the end of the tunnel for America.

New numbers seem to suggest that we could very well be in the beginning stages of a return to normalcy.

The number of new cases of Covid-19 reported worldwide fell by 16 percent last week to 2.7 million, the World Health Organization said.

The number of new deaths reported also fell 10 percent week-on-week, to 81,000, the WHO said late Tuesday in its weekly epidemiological update, using figures up to Sunday.

Five of the six WHO regions of the world reported a double-digit percentage decline in new cases, with only the Eastern Mediterranean showing a rise, of seven percent.

New case numbers dropped 20 percent last week in Africa and in the Western Pacific, 18 percent in Europe, 16 percent in the Americas and 13 percent in southeast Asia.

This news could be part of the supercharging of the American economy that appears to be just over the horizon.

Not only will businesses begin to reopen as the risk of the coronavirus decreases, but a great many of us have been sitting on piles of cash on account of that fact that there are fewer places to spend it these days. And that’s not to mention the recent attention that retail investors have gotten, and the likelihood that marijuana could be federally decriminalized in the coming months…we could very well be in for a new “roaring twenties”.

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